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Join us as we help connect the world.


"Integrity is one of our core values at Emme Innovations and we want this to be reflected in our culture. This begins internally with you. We recognize, if we do not have the trust of you, our colleagues, we won’t have the trust of our clients. We will set the tone for this on your first day. We are committed to be transparent in our actions, reliable with our obligations and honest in our communications to you.  We are operating in a progressive industry and as such, will act progressively.   We strive to work alongside a group of individuals as diverse as those who will be using our products.  Open-mindedness is a necessity for a career and your colleagues will model this.  Not only does this frame of mind allow for expansion of ideals, everyone should feel they work in a safe environment. We will give our colleagues opportunities to grow, grow with us, and the company. In turn we expect integrity in their actions, responsibility of their work, all while innovating together ensuring the highest quality standards." 

- Mitchel Sharko, Founder 


We operate a hybrid model.

In a workplace that embraces a hybrid model, blending remote and office-based work, colleagues enjoy the best of both worlds, adapting their work environment to suit project demands, personal productivity rhythms, and work-life balance needs.

Working With Headphones
Similing Team


Changing the future of the event management industry means thinking differently.

Although we see a lot of 0 & 1's in our line of work, we recognize our colleagues are much more than a number.  Below you may find a list of our current open positions.  If you feel the positions aren't a good fit but remain interested, we would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to submit a link to your CV and let us know how we can work together.

You may do so here.

Job Positions


Remote - CANADA
Current Status: CLOSED
# Of Positions: 0

We at Emme Innovations are looking for a Project Lead / Senior Full Stack Software Developers with experience with React and AWS resources to help us bring our exciting event management web application to life. 

Couldn't find the position you're looking for and still interested? We would love to learn more about you.

Please send our team your CV and let us know how we can work together.

What's it like working with us?

"Working at EMME innovation is a blast. It was thoroughly enjoyable to bring to life the gorgeous designs that our design team has created. Plus working with an up to date and future proof tech stack is always nice; it’s the simple pleasures that count"

- Daniel, Software Developer

“I was quite new to product design when I joined EMME Innovations. The company allowed me to really dip my toes into all kinds of aspects of design including, UX, UI, graphic and illustration. Working for EMME innovations has been a great experience, they have a vision for the future of how events are created and enjoyed and it's exciting to be a part of that dream!"

- Geo, Product Designer

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